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Ambulances were called to a UK airport after a “sickness bug” struck passengers on board a flight.

Six ambulance teams were called to Leeds Bradford Airport after four passengers fell ill on the flight from Reus Airport near in Spain.

A police officer who attended the scene said it was a sickness bug.

However| none of the passengers were required to attend hospital.

Joint emergency service response to Leeds / Bradford airport tonight after reports of a number of people falling ill on an in-bound flight. Fortunately nothing more than a sickness bug. ???? #Police #leeds #Bradford pic.twitter.com/4xSXLN67f6

— Sgt Chris Brumfitt (@WYP_Brumfitt) September 2| 2018
Airline Jet2 won praise for the way it dealt with the emergency| which happened at about 9.45pm on Saturday.

One passenger posted on its Facebook page on Sunday: “Just want to praise the cabin crew for how well they dealt with the incidents on board.

“Everything going on around them| and still smiling and staying calm right to the end of the flight.

“Thank you for keeping us all safe| you did a fantastic job.”
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